Chinook Fuels is proud to offer Esso Fuel products to our customers.

Esso Diesel Efficient

Esso Diesel Fuels are blended to provide good ignition quality and held to the highest quality standards. Blended according to seasonal specifications allows for low-temperature fluidity keeping your vehicle moving in colder temperatures. 

Better fuel economy for your fleet is critical to your business and financial success. That is why Esso developed Esso Diesel Efficient fuel.

Esso Diesel Efficient fuel is formulated to help:

  • Improve power, increase engine responsiveness and reduce emissions.
  • Prevent premature fuel filter plugging.
  • Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.
  • Eliminate internal injector sticking which can contribute to premature injector failure.
  • Offers excellent fuel system corrosion protection.

Top tier

When you fill up with Esso gasoline, you can be confident you’re getting TOP TIER gasoline, every time.

Our Synergy gasoline features 7 key ingredients for greater cleaning power and is engineered to help improve fuel economy and performance.


Looking for car engine oils, heavy duty engine oils, on industrial lubricants? Mobil lubricants has you covered. Mobil Lubricants can be trusted to keep everything running smoothly, and Mobil continues to develop new products and solutions to meet the demands of today’s vehicles, equipment, and customers.

Chinook Fuels is pleased to offer both bulk and packaged Mobil Lubricants.

Race Fuel

Best known as the World Leader in Race Fuel Technology, VP Race Fuel is fueling champions in virtually every form of motorsport on land, sea and air, and has been since 1975. 

Chinook Fuels is an authorized dealer of VP Race Fuel in the Fort McMurray area.

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