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Bulk Fueling

Chinook understands to efficiently and profitably run your business you need fuel.

Chinook Fuels diverse fleet of specialized fuel trucks allow for safe and reliable bulk fuel delivery both on and off road, ensuring you can get fuel to where you need it.

Chinook Fuels offers Esso branded Diesel, Dyed Diesel, Gasoline, and Esso Diesel Efficient products to large and small industrial, commercial, and fleet businesses all over the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

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Key to the highway cardlock

Commercial fuel services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and access to over 1,000 other Key-to-the Highway commercial cardlocks across Canada and the US, that’s convenience!

Chinook Fuels Key-to-the-Highway cardlock located at 160 MacKay Crescent, Fort McMurray offers diesel, dyed diesel and gasoline at the pump.

Key to the Highway Network Map
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Mobil Lubricants

Chinook Fuels is Fort McMurray’s only Mobil Branded Lubricant distributor.

Recognized around the world for their performance, innovation, and quality, and recommend by more original equipment manufacturers than any other brand, Mobil Lubricants will likely satisfy any consumer, commercial or industrial lubricant requirement.

Chinook Fuels offers the extensive Mobil Lubricant product line in packaged and bulk delivery options.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Don’t get caught with an empty DEF tank. No one wants to have their truck shut down or have to “limp home” because they have ran out of DEF.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is available at Chinook Fuels in bulk and packaged delivery options.

Fuel management and storage tanks

Need to rent or purchase a fuel or lubricant storage tank, fuel management system, electronic monitoring system? Chinook Fuels has you covered!

Chinook offers fuel and lubricant storage tanks and supporting equipment to meet your needs.

With the latest technology in fuel monitoring systems, Chinook can assist you with monitoring and controlling your fuel usage.

Contact us today to find out what tank solution could work for you.

Wheel to wheel services

From heaters and light tower stands, to 400 tonne heavy haulers, Chinook’s mobile on-site re-fueling service, can deliver directly to your fleet or equipment.

Chinook’s experienced drivers can fill your equipment at your operations, construction site, mine or drilling project.

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